We have been working on the Malvern Spring Gardening Show for the last few weeks which is a bit of a change from being in the coppice! It has been really good fun working together to create such a diverse show garden in such a small amount of time which showcases so many different skills and we’re really pleased with how it has turned out.

The theme is a Woodland Kitchen Garden, designed by Hannah Genders. Hannah describes the garden as “an ornamental woodland setting of sweet chestnut, wild cherry and hazel underplanted with shade-loving perennials provides the backdrop for this rustic woodland kitchen garden. In the clearing a canopy offers shelter, and there are boxes of herbs for cooking and a small vegetable garden. The wood-fired bread oven provides a focal point for relaxing and cooking, with a log wall to separate the woodland planting from the kitchen area.

The design celebrates sustainable English woodland products and shows how traditional crafts and materials can be incorporated within a garden, thereby helping to support our local woodlands. Features used include split chestnut fencing and gates and hazel trellis for growing beans and climbers, and you can see demonstrations of traditional coppice work on the garden throughout the show”.

Rypelwood at Malvern Spring Show 2013 We really enjoyed building the timber frame, deck and log wall ready for Hannah to bring to life with the flowers and trees. The show runs from 9 – 12 May and we’ll be hanging out eating pizza cooked in the beautiful cob oven (built by Nico at Red Kite), playing music and demonstrating green woodworking crafts.

We had a great crew working on the build, with the best and sometimes only music on site, so thank you to Rob, Sam, Tim, Aly and Andre!

Rypelwood at Malvern Show