Rypelwood is a Workers Co-operative on a mission to revive the local coppice industry, regenerate our woodlands productivity, increase biodiversity and at the same time create employment. We offer general woodland management services and sell coppice products and crafts from local coppice woodland managed for organisations like the Forestry Commission, local Wildlife Trusts and the Woodland Trust. Coppicing not only provides us with a sustainable source of local wood for traditional crafts and fuel but also protects and promotes woodland biodiversity.

Education is central to our mission. We ran an amazing  project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund called Coppicing for Conservation and Craft which focused on teaching people about the natural and cultural heritage of the coppice industry and learning about these ancient woodland management skills in a contemporary context. We have worked in Schools to enhance pupils’ access to their natural environment by creating safe accessible spaces for Forest Schools to take place.

Our aims are to:

  • Reintroduce the practice of traditional coppice management into derelict woodland, creating a valuable wildlife habitat.
  • Further members’ woodland skills and provide a space to educate others.
  • Provide a Woodland Management service using traditional practices.
  • Provide coppice products and services to the local area.
  • Create local employment.
  • Develop a community of wood producers and users who support and provide responsibly managed woodlands as a natural resource, which will remain robust and productive for future generations.

We are Registered in England as an Industrial Provident Society under the Industrial and Provident Societies act 1965. Reg. No. 31914R.