Coppice Products

All our products are sourced and made from coppiced woodland local to Bristol.

The following products are predominately made from coppiced Hazel unless otherwise stated.

roughly 8ft bundle of 10      £10bep2

Pea Sticks
4-6ft bundle of 10       £8

Hedging Stakes
5ft x 1-2inch bundle of 20 £12.

Hedging Binders
7-12ft x 1inch bundle of 10 £8.

Bale Stakes
Stakes cut to required length for straw bale builds. 20p per foot. Hazel or Ash.

5ft long bundles of hardwood brash used for a variety of applications from mitigating soil erosion on steep slopes and river banks to firing up ovens.
Different grades and sizes are available.
Guide price £6

Tree Stakes
Hazel roundwood 5ft x 3-4 inch £2.50
Sweet Chestnut cleft 5ft £5


Yurt and small diameter construction poles
Ash, Hazel and Oak available. Please email with dimensions required for a quote.
Guide Price £2 each – peeled £3.

For larger construction material please contact us with your requirements. Larch and Sweet Chestnut often available.